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Spinal Workshop

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Discovering your Spine
A different approach to a supple and strong back                                                                                             

Yoga Workshop
9am – 1pm Sunday 25th March 2012

The first structure that forms in an embryo is the spine from which all other structures gain form.
The spine is of great importance.

The effect of having a sore back does not only cause pain, discomfort and is de habilitating it also has an effect on your health. It shifts your nervous system into a sympathetic mode that means stress, on your heart and other organs. This activates your adrenals which are probably already under physical stress being compressed from poor posture putting further pressure on your kidneys draining your vital energy. This tension puts pressure on the vertebrae bodies leading to chronic spine degeneration. Pain in your back affects every facet of your being leading to a suppressed immune system.
When was the last time you awoke feeling vitalized & energetic?

Yoga is unique in its ability to heal and restore the full function of the back by strengthening and stretching the muscles supporting the structure of the back, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation of body fluids and prana.

• We will learn how to walk, stand, sit, breath and relax
• We will stretch, strengthen and discover our spine
• You will gain knowledge, and experience that knowledge so it becomes your own to take home
• We will learn to work with, not against our bodies providing a wave of extension for the spine
• You & your nervous system will discover freedom in your spine creating a new way of being in both body & mind.
• Discover the breath connection as the breath, spine and nervous system work together effortlessly

Suitable for any age any ability, no yoga experience required we begin here.

Where: Manasa Yoga Studio
Date: Sunday 25th March 2012
Time: 9am – 1pm – please aim to arrive 15 minutes earlier
RSVP: by email

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop                                                  

Sunday 7th November

10am -1.00pm

The principle of Ayurvedic preparation and cooking is the understanding that food is medicinal and its action on the body is both healing and nourishing.

Ayurvedic cooking is part of the whole embodiment of Yoga, therefore the cooking is both an art and a science when cooking becomes alchemy and the food becomes love.

What we will share:

  • Each participant will complete individual Dosha evaluation
  • Hands on cooking a full course Ayurvedic meal (All food provided)
  • Sit down and share the offering in a sacred space
  • Education on the principles of Ayurvedic cooking that you will be able to apply in your own home
  • Take home recipes and notes

When: Sunday 7th November

Bookings essential

Manasa Yoga Workshop for Rejuvenation and Healing: Sunday 19th June 2011

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Manasa Yoga Workshop for Rejuvenation & Healing

How are you living your life?
Are you being drained by life instead of being empowered?
Does each day present itself as an opportunity for transformation or simple survival; do you live to work, or work to live?
Winter is the season of rejuvenation and nurturing. This is represented by the water element (kidney/bladder) and associated with our deepest source of chi or energy.

As a result of stress, fear, mental exhaustion (obsessive thoughts) and lack of rest, our kidney energy becomes depleted, ultimately resulting in disease.

This workshop will consist of 4 hours of:

• Rejuvenating and nurturing asana’s focusing on strengthening the kidney energy, spine and associated organs.
• Deep breathing to reduce emotional and mental psychological stress.
• Learning through theory and practice how shallow breathing undermines our health, reduces our vitality and leads to anxiety.
• Relative reflexology points through the feet to release blockages.

Date: Sunday 19th June


Please bring a light lunch, water, yoga mat/blanket warm clothes for meditation.
Ayruvedic refreshments will be provided including chai tea and pumpkin soup. Namaste

Workshop – Being a Woman

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Being a Woman                                                                                                      

Facilitated by Megan Ward




What are you doing in your life that is currently preventing you accessing your inner wisdom and knowledge?


A workshop for all women- to discover your uniqueness, your beauty your strength, yourself. This workshop is about woman coming into their power, through knowledge and understanding of their selves, of the opportunity each month through a woman’s cycle to find her truth and alignment ultimately leading to her spiritual awakening through the magnificent and empowering process of menopause. It is about revealing your truth, your voice, your courage. It is about discovering that your intimate relationships must be with the Self first, to honour yourself, to love yourself, to discover your life’s path. This workshop is for you, for the beauty of your womanhood. You have only one life now is the time to reveal your truth and inner guidance.


Through the Workshop you will be in a safe and supportive space:
Yoga asanas for woman’s health and relaxation

Breathing techniques to center the Self

Understanding and recognizing your belief systems and conditionings

Discourses to reveal your own innate wisdom and knowledge

Diet and nutrition to nourish and sustain the Self

Date: Sunday 20th June 2010

Time: 10am-3pm



What to bring:


Water Yoga mat (optional)
Paper, pen Small Blanket
Your own lunch Warm loose clothing

In addition: Chai, herbal teas and afternoon tea will be provided.



Megan – Om Shanti

© Copyright 2010 Megan Ward