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The Power of Being Present

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

The Power of Being Present

In order to maintain our equilibrium in life it is important to take ‘time out’ in quiet reflection, to still the mind, to find the pause in our busy lives, to be present.

It is much like when you read a book. There must be full stops, commas and spaces between the words in order to understand the story; let there be spaces in your life to help create clarity in your life.

These moments of silence can be found when you bring your awareness to the breath.

Take a few moments every day, upon  rising, retiring and throughout the day to practice the full body breathing. Inhaling breathe softly into the abdomen then chest and on exhaling release chest then abdomen.

Keep the facial muscles soft and let the body breathe naturally, remember the inhalation arises as the result of a full exhalation. There is no effort in inhaling, simply exhale fully and the next breath spontaneously arises.

In order to keep your attention with the breath, recite the words  ‘I am breathing in’ on the inhalation and ‘I am breathing out’ on the exhalation. Let your facial muscles soften, a small smile rest at your lips.


Megan – Om Shanti

© Copyright 2010 Megan Ward