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An introduction to Yoga -relieve back pain and de-stress.

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Through the practice of Yoga we uncover the power of the breath. Breathing is the essence of Yoga; breathing is the essence of Life. Most people are not aware that they breathe poorly. And few of us, when faced with fatigue, illness or anxiety look to our breath as a possible source for regeneration. The following asanas will help you to discover what it feels like to breathe fully and openly.

Exploring your Breath.
Sit comfortably, either resting your hands on your knees palms up or place in Chin Mudra (join the tips of your thumb and forefinger resting the back of your hands on your knees)

Gentle seal your lips and inhale through the nose. Quietly observe your breath without judgment. Visualise the inhalation softly inflating the lungs like a large helium balloon, then a moments silence as the breath turns around, to transform itself into your exhalation.

With each breath visualize yourself joyously drawing in life energy and on each out breath consciously release any pent up emotions, letting go.

Remain the quiet observer, noticing that as your breath becomes calmer and slower, your mind, too, feels calmer and slower.

1. Pelvic Spinal Release

Lie in the supine position with your legs bent, feet and knees hip-distance apart.

Observe the places where your body makes contact with the earth. Gently seal your lips. As you inhale bring your awareness to your lower back region feeling the spine gently arching away from the floor on the inhalation, a moments silence, then as you exhale feel the spine gently release back into the support of the floor.