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Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Yoga can be defined as to ‘Know Oneself’

In the Western world we associate Yoga  essentially with only the postures. However Yoga is much more than this.

Self Knowledge

Over 2000 years ago the enlightened masters of that period recognized that they needed to develop a path for people to gain enlightenment, consciousness in order to continue to evolve the human race.

They recognized that first and foremost in order to understand the Self you must understand the Mind.

In order for the mind to be open to receive this information it must be prepared.

Most people live in a state of chaos and mayhem chasing their chattering minds, rarely being present.

So they developed the 5 paths of Yoga.

  • Yoga Postures (asanas) to develop a healthy body and tranquil mind.
  • Pranayama – in order to breathe and maintain a high degree of health and awareness.
  • Diet/nutrition – to nourish the body.
  • Relaxation – to understand the need to rest the body and not exhaust it.
  • Self Knowledge – Vedanta. This knowledge is within each and every one of us.

The teacher’s role is not to give knowledge but to reveal the knowledge. It is a beautiful tradition. A simple logical tradition where step by step the truth and understanding of the self is revealed.

There are two types of knowledge – Objective Knowledge –external of acquired knowledge

-  Absolute Knowledge – the study of the self

We recognize that everything in the external world is changing, finite, immortal, it is the nature of the subjective world, the only thing which is immortal, infinite and unchanging is the Self or Soul (whichever word you relate to) this is your only reference point in life.

We also recognize that our natural state of being is happiness, but while we project our happiness into the external material world and on others we lead a life of suffering and chaos, ups and downs.

Happiness is found within, while we may academically accept this, we do not know how to find it. First and foremost we must understand the Self.

This leads to a life of bliss, clarity and happiness beyond what you may have experienced or perhaps had brief glances of, such as when you witnessed a beautiful sunset, or a birth of a child. It is in those moments your mind completely stilled, in those moments you were with yourself.

Self knowledge reveals the experience of living constantly in joy, happiness, peace and beauty, not as emotions but as a state of being.

Life becomes more beautiful and you experience every day to your full potential with clarity and grace.

Self knowledge reveals your life path.

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Om Shanti

© Copyright 2010 Megan Ward