Book ‘A State of Mind – Happiness beyond all anxiety by Megan Ward

A State of Mind

 “Can you recall a time in your life when you experienced complete tranquility and peace, albeit briefly? This state of being is available to each and every one of us, as our natural state of being”.

A State of Mind reveals the logical processes through self – enquiry that allows us to peel back the layers that we unconsciously build up over our lifetime which contribute to stress, anxiety, lack of direction, inability to maintain intimate relationships, low self esteem and any other negative manifestations in your life.

Set out over seven discourses, you are given the tools to come to a deeper understanding of your self. Sprinkled with stories you will relate to in your own life, this is a joyous book that keeps on giving.

Wherever you are in your life at whatever point, this book will offer you something. All that is required is a mind that is willing to question and explore.


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Readers Comments:


I’ve always struggled with the concept of meditation, and when a friend gave me this book I was excited to get started and read it. It’s been an amazing journey that has complimented my yoga practice and helped me ‘get’ meditation. I’ve experienced many “a-ha” moments throughout the book, the biggest one – that meditation is not about sitting still and thinking nothing but more about mindfulness. The explanations are simple and relatable and particularly the daily practice exercises have helped me incorporate meditation into my life, for the better. This book is well written and easy to read and whether you’re a yogi or simply want to reduce anxiety and help bring some balance to your life, then this is a must read. Namaste



This is a wonderful read. Megan has a fantastic way of communicating the teachings of Yoga and relating these to real world examples. I have never been interested in this subject matter before, but this book has set me on a path which I believe will change my life for the better. I’ve now purchased four of these books for friends and family. Thank you Megan Ward and well done!



Thank you for the gift of “State of Mind”.  I have read it and feel privileged to have done so. For me it was a refresher course of the many Buddhist readings and workshops I have attended – and much more!  These teachings took many books and workshops but you have managed to place all this information in one small book so succinctly and with such clarity. It is now my constant companion and comfort. Thank you Megan. Your book is a read of teaching, reflection and gentle encouragement – a joy to read.


I have had a look at you book and to say it is a comprehensive publication would be an understatement!!  It looks like a way of life “bible” which will appeal to a wide range of people and would also be a very therapeutic tool. I can see how the principles in the book could be adapted to my own personal journey.



What an incredible feeling it was to see myself progress so quickly just by focusing on the breath and nothing else. I am so grateful to have had your help. I can’t wait to see how far the book will take me once it becomes cemented into my lifestyle.



I wanted to look at the book the moment I came home … it is wonderful! Beautifully written – easily understood with the scenarios, stories and inquires. I’m so glad I have a copy – it has already made such a difference to me. Thank you.








Manasa Yoga for the Mature Years DVD – Seated Yoga by Megan Ward

DVD Manasa  Yoga Description: A complete seated yoga program for those unable to reap the benefits of traditional floor yoga. Five years of research went into the development of providing a concise and flowing sequence of Yoga postures, combined with breathing exercises, beautiful scenery, presentation and music. Focusing on maintaining and increasing flow and mobility in the body this program would suit anyone looking for a gentle form of exercise, in rehabilitation, recovering from illness or with a disability. All postures can be performed from a sitting position, standing or combination. Recommended through the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Association this is a wonderful Yoga inspired program for health and well being.Cost: $42.00

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CD: Anahata ‘Guided Meditation and Relaxation’

Description: Anahata a Sanskrit word translates as ‘from the heart’.
The gift of this beautiful CD interwoven with harmonising music provides a journey into the healing and therapeutic benefits of relaxation and meditation. It has been said that it’s deeply calming effect is compared to that of a mothers heartbeat felt by her baby, nourishing and restorative. This CD has the ability to gently bring sleep to a restless child, restore calm in a chaotic stressed mind and relieve pain both physical and mental. It touches the heart and soothes the soul.Track 1 The Infinite Breath 19.30
A beautiful guided meditation accompanied by music that touches the heart, bringing tranquility and stillnessTrack 2 The Beholder’s Heart 32.40
A melody of peaceful joyous music that weaves through the consciousness creating a deep sense of calm and inner peaceCost: $26.00

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Manasa Yoga Resource Package

Manasa Yoga for the Mature Years

A resource developed to create a purposeful, stimulating and educational experience for people living in residential aged care homes or for those attending day centre activities.

This resource helps to bring the rejuvenating benefits of Yoga exercise to all people, regardless of age or ability. It encompasses visual, audio and tactile stimulation while stimulating and ‘switching on’ the mind through kinesiology and left/right brain activities.

The teaching manual offers 8 sessions with documented course notes supported by the Manasa Yoga DVD for Mature Years and the Anahata Meditation CD as the accompaniment. The course has been developed along the lines of the 3rd age University Programs where upon completion of the 8 sessions participants are awarded a certificate. They are then encouraged to impart their experience, knowledge and guidance to new participants. In this way helping to restore the respect, dignity and wisdom of our elders.

This Yoga based exercise program will help to not only support and improve the quality of life for the aged but also enhance and create a positive energetic environment for all who work in this area.
Manasa Yoga for the Mature Years is a gentle form of exercise accompanied by music and nature to provide a visual, emotional & physical sense of well being that energises the entire body. This course has been on sale since 2009 and has been purchased and enjoyed by many aged care facilities and organisations across Australia.

Cost: $180.00 – The Manasa Yoga College Course Package contains a Facilitator’s Instruction Manual for 8×40 minute Yoga sessions, 1 Manasa Yoga DVD, 1 Anahata Meditation CD, 1 Documenting Journal, 12 Course Certificates (plus spares) and 1 laminated Yoga Class door sign. Your package comes in a sturdy plastic box file for safe storage.

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