Testimonials from students and clients


For many years I had contemplated yoga classes and tried the odd class here and there without much satisfaction. Then I met Megan, and was inspired to achieve the health and well being that she exudes when you meet her.

Her yoga classes offer a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing, incorporating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of health. I also found that each person can participate in the exercises at their own pace and capabilities, without any pressure to achieve at a set level.

I have found that Megan’s classes are a welcome relief after a stressful day at the office, the meditation/relaxation at the beginning of class is extremely beneficial to me. I also find that the physicality of the yoga exercises is excellent for maintaining flexibility and tone.

Megan goes beyond expectations in that she is always available to offer additional support and advice when you need it. She recently recommended a book to me that has changed my perspective to a very positive outlook in regard to women’s health in mid life. I am extremely grateful for discovering Megan and her yoga classes. I could not imagine life without yoga and its many benefits.


Attending Megan’s class has been more rewarding than I thought. When I started attending Megan’s classes I was on post natal depression medication and now I am being weaned off them, after attending one term of yoga and the self knowledge course. I feel I have more control with my life.

From the very first moment I met Megan, I felt a real sense of calmness and engagement. Megan talked with great gentleness and caring. In Megan’s presence you get a real sense that you are capable of doing anything.

Being the first time I did yoga and not being very flexible, I was really weary that I wouldn’t be able to do any of the routine. I was quite surprised with Mansana yoga, and found that I could do more than I thought. Megan’s instructions were clear and she continually obverses each student, offering assistance/correction when required. Megan personalises the yoga routine by taking into account every students’ individual need, whether it be an injury or a beginner.

I would also definitely recommend Megan’s Self Knowledge course held after the yoga session. It is like “the icing on the cake”. In the sessions Megan passes on her wisdom and the tools you need to access your inner true self. Megan continually offers her assistance and guidance, during any struggles you may encounter on your path to Self Knowledge.


Current Student

‘I have recently completed my first 10 week yoga course with Megan Ward. I didn’t find the course easy, because my body seemed to be re-programming itself as the course progressed and there were times when I felt quite challenged. What amazed me was the way in which my sleeping experience changed during the course. I was sleeping much more deeply and dreaming deeply as well. I felt my body opening more to my daily life and I felt stronger, both mentally, physically and emotionally. I was disappointed when the term ended and I am looking forward to picking up with the new term in July. My body is now capable of stretching further into some of the asanas, but I know I am only at the beginning of my yoga journey. Another benefit was the way in which the ‘busy brain’ experience of my working day would fall away during the class and the next day, I would feel lighter and more optimistic. If one 10 week term can accomplish such transformations, I certainly feel hopeful that a lifetime journey with yoga is the best path for me to follow.’


June, 2010

I have participated in two terms of yoga with Megan at Manasa Yoga.  Megan’s classes are quite unique through the depth of knowledge and awareness that she brings to the classes  and freely shares with others.  My yoga practice has improved, but perhaps more importantly my understanding of the practice of yoga – the health and spiritual benefits – has  grown.  Megan is a gifted teacher who creates a supportive, caring and peaceful space for her students to grow and learn through the practice of yoga.


I have studied and practiced Manasa Yoga on a regular basis for about 12 years. I remember seeing Yoga Class details on a noticeboard at my children’s school and approaching Megan tentatively because I had problems with my back and I was worried about stirring it up. Megan smiled at my inquiry and continues to smile at me through all my tribulations. Manasa Yoga has led me to many discoveries about my body, my mind and my inner self. Like any worthwhile journey it has a beginning but no end – because the journey itself is a wondrous thing. Yoga has been, for me, one of life’s greatest gifts.



I have been attending both yoga and Vedanta classes at Manasa Yoga for approximately 18 months. In that time I have discovered a depth of knowledge and well being never before thought possible..

Megan’s insightfulness into the human body, along with her vast anatomical knowledge,  and her natural gift of nurturing each student in accordance with their body and ability, tends to allow students to rediscover how the human body is meant to move and be.

Megan’s knowledge of Vedanta- (ancient wisdom) has taught me a better way to carry myself through this life and is an ongoing pleasure to attend her classes.

Megan is a truly gifted individual who lives her passion each and every day sharing the gift of yoga with her students, friends and family. She is a unique teacher and a unique individual being.

Namaste, Geoff

My real life journey has begun…I thought being 32 years old and owing my own business as being the success of my life, but, the realisation of my beautiful journey was revealed to me in practising yoga with the expertise and knowledge from Megan Ward and her Manasa Yoga and Vedanta classes. My life has been enhanced beyond what I could have ever imagined and yoga has become an everyday part of my life. I have participated in many sports at elite levels, and have tried yoga in other forms but no other activities bring me as much core/strength training and self body awareness as Manasa Yoga. I can recommend the study of yoga and Vedanta with Megan to everyone as it will impart a lasting energy that will bring you great joy! I highly anticipate the sessions each week and the workshops are even better! Thank you Megan – no words can describe the gifts you have brought into my life and just being in your presence brings me peace and wellbeing.

With love,


I suppose I could call you inspiring but I’d rather say each Thursday gives me great pleasure & satisfaction. My old hip felt much newer after looking at you.

Love Bronte

PS. I think most people need those wonderful neck exercises I so enjoy it all.