Megan Ward

yoga on  the beach, BrisbaneMegan’s spiritual journey through the practice of Yoga and Chi Kung began just before her seventh year in her birth country of New Zealand, when she received a simple blessing from Swami Venkatesananda…

‘Be good, Do good, may God’s light
Always shine through you.’

Swami Venkatesananda

This light has guided Megan to continue to seek knowledge
and insight through the practice of Yoga and other forms of internal movement.

She has joyously been studying, experiencing and teaching Yoga and related therapies for over 16 years.

Megan’s formal studies have included Science, Naturopathy, Massage and extensive training in Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and Chi Kung. Megan has continued to develop her knowledge through different paths of yoga and internal arts, developing a deep awareness of the intricacies of the science of yoga and meditation.

By 2002 she had developed her own form of yoga named, Manasa Yoga. Manasa Yoga draws from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to move from within the spirit or soul.’ It is a synthesis of intuited and classical yoga postures, natural breathing awareness and the internal energy system, Chi Kung. Together they form a gentle but dynamic form of yoga that allows students to experience the natural flow of movement within their bodies, through the breath, the extension of the spine and awareness of natural alignment.

The essence of Manasa Yoga is to allow the practice of yoga and meditation to become accessible for all people, with the passion and belief that this practice has the ability to improve people’s health and well being. This led Megan to begin working with specialist need groups. These have included people with physical or mental disabilities, in rehabilitation, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Veterans and those suffering Depression. During this time she was requested to write several Yoga manuals for the Health and Wellness sector.

In response to her experiences working with people with special needs, in 2004 she developed a seated yoga program which was produced in DVD format to allow for wider use throughout the community with an emphasis on both visual and audio presentation. This program has been embraced throughout Australia.

Megan began receiving requests for public speaking throughout Australia on the benefits of yoga and meditation for the community. These interactive presentations presented with insight, passion, knowledge and a healthy sense of fun and movement have brought further recognition of the gift of Yoga and Meditation to the community.

Megan went on to complete a Relaxation and guided Meditation CD in 2006 assisting in bringing the healing power of meditation and relaxation to the public.

In 2008 Megan travelled to South India to study in the Sivananda Yoga tradition where the  essence of yoga was revealed to her  through discourses on  Self Knowledge. She returned to India in 2009 to gain a deeper understanding and experience of this knowledge.

Through her teachings Megan imparts the five paths of Yoga- asanas, pranayama, relaxation (dhyana), nutrition (Ayurveda) and vedanta (self knowledge) to her students bringing the complete knowledge of Yoga into practice.

She is registered at the highest level with the YTAA as a senior teacher.


Studies along the way:

1979-1981 Science Degree

1986-1986 Swedish Massage

1986 -1988 Naturopathy Degree

1997-1998 Completed Yoga Chi Gung Teacher Training

1999-2004 Certificates: Feldenkrais and Body Mind Centering.

2007 -2007 Accredited teacher Wu Tao Dance

2008- 2009 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Completed

2009 -2009 Yoga Adhyapaka Vedanta Studies

2010 -2010 Reflexology

2010 -2011 Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage

2013 Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Geoff Lawton

2014 Published Book based on discourses titled – A State of Mind – Happiness beyond all anxiety

2014 Purchased 40 hectares of denuded coastal land to develop along sustainable permaculture design