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There are many different paths of Yoga but the essence of all remains the same.

Yoga is a subtle ancient holistic science of internal movement which brings fluidity and strength to the body, health and vitality to the organs and clarity and peace to the mind. Like the healing light of the sun, Yoga is beneficial to all people.

Philosophy of Manasa Yoga

Manasa Yoga evolved from a synthesis of classical Yoga asanas, Chi Kung and other forms of internal movement. It is a flowing easeful form that is both gentle and dynamic.

This path of Yoga was influenced by an understanding and insight in the importance of correct structural alignment and posture in the practice of Yoga and the importance of uncovering the essential or natural breath. Manasa Yoga draws on this thread that weaves through all levels of the consciousness; to connect to our own innate wisdom and knowledge of movement and the stillness within. Manasa Yoga brings the practice of Yoga to all students regardless of age or ability.

Method of Manasa Yoga

  • Each class begins with relaxation and a centering guided meditation
  • Class size is limited to allow for individual attention
  • Classes are designed using principles of progressive sequencing poses(vinyasa) to help students of all levels advance in their practice
  • Each class has an organ, meridian related theme with notes of the routine that can be used for home practice
  • All the classifications of commonly practiced Hatha Yoga poses and Chi Kung are included: standing poses, seated postures, forward bends, back bends, inverted poses and twists
  • All postures and movements are instructed with the guidance of the breath
  • Postures are constantly modified to suit individual needs
  • Instruction is provided for correct postural alignment and body awareness  that extends beyond the Yoga class
  • Classes conclude with a 15 -20 minute guided meditation
  • A blessing or positive invocation are carried into daily life
yoga posture
Ardha Matsyendrasana
(Half spinal twist)

‘On day one the mind will be fully involved with the technical nature of the posture but by day 3000 the mind will have dissolved into the sea of the soul, a state of equilibrium and peace.’  Patanjali