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Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop                                                  

Sunday 7th November

10am -1.00pm

The principle of Ayurvedic preparation and cooking is the understanding that food is medicinal and its action on the body is both healing and nourishing.

Ayurvedic cooking is part of the whole embodiment of Yoga, therefore the cooking is both an art and a science when cooking becomes alchemy and the food becomes love.

What we will share:

  • Each participant will complete individual Dosha evaluation
  • Hands on cooking a full course Ayurvedic meal (All food provided)
  • Sit down and share the offering in a sacred space
  • Education on the principles of Ayurvedic cooking that you will be able to apply in your own home
  • Take home recipes and notes

When: Sunday 7th November

Bookings essential