Manasa Yoga Workshop for Rejuvenation and Healing: Sunday 19th June 2011

Manasa Yoga Workshop for Rejuvenation & Healing

How are you living your life?
Are you being drained by life instead of being empowered?
Does each day present itself as an opportunity for transformation or simple survival; do you live to work, or work to live?
Winter is the season of rejuvenation and nurturing. This is represented by the water element (kidney/bladder) and associated with our deepest source of chi or energy.

As a result of stress, fear, mental exhaustion (obsessive thoughts) and lack of rest, our kidney energy becomes depleted, ultimately resulting in disease.

This workshop will consist of 4 hours of:

• Rejuvenating and nurturing asana’s focusing on strengthening the kidney energy, spine and associated organs.
• Deep breathing to reduce emotional and mental psychological stress.
• Learning through theory and practice how shallow breathing undermines our health, reduces our vitality and leads to anxiety.
• Relative reflexology points through the feet to release blockages.

Date: Sunday 19th June


Please bring a light lunch, water, yoga mat/blanket warm clothes for meditation.
Ayruvedic refreshments will be provided including chai tea and pumpkin soup. Namaste