Self Knowledge -Vedanta- To Know Oneself

Self knowledge is in essence Yoga. Yoga can be defined as to ‘Know Oneself’


Namaste students and friends,

A  brief summary of the first discourse from our Self knowledge classes.

With blessings,

Megan – Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

The first sutra ‘To Know Oneself’ is the same as the last sutra. What does this mean? It means ‘To Imbibe in Yourself’

The yoga masters over 2000 years ago recognized that in order to know Oneself we must know one’s Mind, as the mind, like anything else that is not controlled will ultimately cause chaos.

The World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2020 Depression will be the second major illness after heart disease. Depression is a mind disease.

Our existence is typically at the control of a highway of thoughts racing along – often out of control. Sometimes we manage ok but when a trigger happens we react to a pattern, a program installed in us from long ago which often no longer serves us.

The study of Self Knowledge reveals the knowledge which is within each of us; it requires an enquiring mind for it is only ignorance that separates us from recognizing this truth.

The role of the teacher is only to reveal the knowledge to the student.

Self Knowledge does not give you a new identity, a new tool or a new name.

Self Knowledge helps you to go beyond the Identity.

Our world is created by our thoughts. Our world is molded by our thoughts.

We are bombarded every day with sensory overload. The mind becomes cluttered and chaotic and when this happens our stress levels increase and we literally begin to ‘lose it’

We begin by observing, detaching from our thoughts.

The most powerful method to begin with, is to allow the mind to become quiet with the awareness of the breath, your nearest and dearest friend.

Simply sit in a comfortable supported position, ensure your lower back is supported and you are not collapsing in the body.

Rest your hands comfortably in ‘Chin Mudra’ (thumb tip touching index finger tip)

Close your eyes gently, consciously release your facial muscles and jaw.

Now bring your awareness to your breath, breathing in and breathing out.

Let your entire mind become fully absorbed with this simple action.

I am breathing in, I am breathing out.

Do not allow thoughts to enter the mind.

Continually returning to the breath, the mind becomes fully absorbed with the breath.

Eventually you will feel a beautiful serenity, light and calmness coming into your being.

This is just the beginning.


© Copyright 2010 Megan Ward