Workshop – Being a Woman

Being a Woman                                                                                                      

Facilitated by Megan Ward




What are you doing in your life that is currently preventing you accessing your inner wisdom and knowledge?


A workshop for all women- to discover your uniqueness, your beauty your strength, yourself. This workshop is about woman coming into their power, through knowledge and understanding of their selves, of the opportunity each month through a woman’s cycle to find her truth and alignment ultimately leading to her spiritual awakening through the magnificent and empowering process of menopause. It is about revealing your truth, your voice, your courage. It is about discovering that your intimate relationships must be with the Self first, to honour yourself, to love yourself, to discover your life’s path. This workshop is for you, for the beauty of your womanhood. You have only one life now is the time to reveal your truth and inner guidance.


Through the Workshop you will be in a safe and supportive space:
Yoga asanas for woman’s health and relaxation

Breathing techniques to center the Self

Understanding and recognizing your belief systems and conditionings

Discourses to reveal your own innate wisdom and knowledge

Diet and nutrition to nourish and sustain the Self

Date: Sunday 20th June 2010

Time: 10am-3pm



What to bring:


Water Yoga mat (optional)
Paper, pen Small Blanket
Your own lunch Warm loose clothing

In addition: Chai, herbal teas and afternoon tea will be provided.



Megan – Om Shanti

© Copyright 2010 Megan Ward